Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Donors

July through December 2014

The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Board of Directors would like to extend sincere appreciation to the generous donors who assist in giving injured  rodeo professionals “A Hand Up.”

 Justin Brands, Inc. * ProRodeo League of Women
South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa
St. Paul Rodeo Association  * Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo, LLC
Chrysopolae Foundation *
Pendleton Round-Up Foundation

BTWW Retail Liquidation Trust * River City Rodeo & Stock Show
Thanksgiving Rodeo School  * RC Johnson Foundation
Cowboy Reunion, Inc. * Speedway Children’s Charities
Cross Brand Cowboy Church * Pendleton Whisky – Hood River Distillers, Inc.

Cowboy Ross Benefit * Mark Constantian * California Rodeo Salinas
Chris LeDoux Memorial Foundation * Crystal Springs Rodeo, Inc.
Flag Ranch * Shanna Hatfield * Dr. & Mrs. Julian Lombard
Chad Niederhauser * Tucson Rodeo Committee * Valley Bank and Trust

Amazon Smile
Edward Anderson
Meg Andrews
Paul and Sharon Angel
Jeffery Azevedo
Linda Babb
Matthew Bachicha
Harley Bates
Michael Beatty
Kaden Berger
Marylou Bespalec
Flint Bickford
Kassi Bollinger
Madelon Bradshaw
Thomas Buckley
Fred Butler
California Circuit Finals Rodeo
Glenn Campbell
Carr Pro Rodeo
KA Caster
Kasey Chism
McKenna Clingman
The Clinton and Gail Moffitt Trust
Doug Corey
Mindy Costello
Charles Cundy
Nevius Curtis
Marsha Dolan
Royd and Tracie Doyal
Jerry Echols
Steven Ellrich
Andy Elshere
Estes Park Western Heritage, Inc
David and Pam Gallagher
Jay Graham
Hawk Crest Publishing
Hazel B. Jacoby
Ralph Heinert
Matthew Honigman
Louis Howard
John Stewart Enterprises, Inc
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Justin Thompson Agency
Harla & Rick Kadrie
Monty and Beverly Kemp
Dick & Mary Lou Kinney
Lil’ Cowgirls Club
Elizabeth Long
Patricia Ludwig
Mark Marchetti
McDowall Quarter Horses, Inc.
D.V. McKaskle
Diane McLean
Mile High United Way
Ronald Miller
Debbie and Randall Mills
Montana Cowboys Association
My Tribute Gift Foundation
Devon Niebling
CJ Patton
Paypal Giving Fund
Rebecca Pozzi
John Pulling
Karl Richcreek
John Roers
Erin Rogers
David & Candace Roll
Roupp Constructors, Ltd.
Jennifer Sakamoto
Security First Bank
Nathan See
Senior Steer Ropers Association
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Julie Singer
Scott Storey
William Sutton
Therese Thomas
Ronda Toeppich
Thomas Trosin
Bill Turner
Frank Wagener
Sally Wilson
Carla Young
Marilyn Zatkin
Herman and Linnea Zueck


In Honor Of Barton Family
Kristina Smith
In Honor Of Sherry Cervi & Cory Petska
Darryl and Beth Jeffreys
In Honor Of Tandy Freeman
Sandra Anderson
In Honor Of Elizabeth Gabler
Andrew Reed
In Honor Of Brent and Sherry Gibson
Kyle and Sherri Sanders
In Honor Of Lecile Harris
Ray Hollenbeck
In Honor Of Mike and Lori Orman
Kyle and Sherri Sanders
In Honor of Ian Pearson
Amanda Peskett
Honor Of Creed West
Glynda Scovel


In Memory Of Patricia Billet
Johnny Zamrzla/ Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Colt Bruce
Michael and Brenda Arnold
David and Pam Bach
G & L Baldwin
Melba Boyd
Braddy Oilfield Consultants
Kelly Bradshaw
Tom and Tomi Briggeman
Billy Edd Bruce
Lionel and Mary Chambers
Mary Beth Collins
Charlotte Coulbourn
Michael and Kym Craft
Paul and Sharon Davis
Central Christian Church Disciple Womens Fellowship
Eagle Management Group, Inc.
Carol Gauntt
Everett Goar
Bryan and Casey Hammons
Fred, Liz and Justin Henson
Mary Kemp & Leon Tanner
Bonnie Kenjura
Charles Lasater
Robin and Carl Licari
Eddie Mann
Joe McGowen
Justen and Tricia Miller
NIRA Southern Region Rodeo
Tom and Kathy Porter
Razoos, Inc
Rachel Rowntree
Larry Russell
Paul and Marie Russell
Cathy Simonds
Mark Smith
Southwestern Expo & Livestock Show & Rodeo
Ben and Jenifer Streetman
Texas Butane Company
Lanie and Gary Turman
Butch and Debbie Turner
Debbie and Ernest (Inky) Uptmore
Bob and Carolynn White
In Memory Of Harry Brocock
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Ralph Buell
In Memory Of Clint Wade Cline
Charles Koch
In Memory Of Mr. Cooke
Grand Guardian Council of Wyoming
In Memory Of Bill Craddock
Tim Smith, T.J. Smith & Company
In Memory Of Macie Cross
Jim and Claudia Downey
In Memory Of Gene Dahl
Nancy, Scott, Doug and Beth Randolph and family
In Memory Of Art Daly
Doug and Marlene Correll
In Memory Of Kenny Degenstein
Ron and Carol Torgeson
In Memory Of Bob Dent
Dennis and Merlue Davies
In Memory Of Dick Doering
Linda Doering
In Memory Of Art Ekizian
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Maureen Enget
In Memory Of Harry Esbenshade
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Carrol Ferguson
Trevor & Shada Brazile
In Memory Of Lane Frost
Chisholm Trail PRCA Prairie Circuit Finals Committee
In Memory Of Justin Gocke
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Robert “B”Goodwin
Elizabeth Vernon
In Memory Of Sidney Haggart
Kaci Smith
In Memory of Billie Toma Jo Harrison
Aaron Custer Memorial Fund
Jamie Ackerman
Ginger Lindley Aguilar
Clement and Phylis Albertoni
Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Donors
Art and Linda Alsbaugh
Amarillo Tri-State Fair & Rodeo
American Royal Association
Karen Antle
Beef Empire Days PRCA Rodeo
Debora Philomena Benson
Dana Bianchi
Kirk and Sharon Borzini
Marvin and Grace Borzini
Diane Braga
Wanda Breashears
Ashlee Brinan
Andrew Burelle
Andrea Calabretta
Emily Calhoun
Edie and Jim Capps
Cattle Baron’s 2012
Cattlemen’s Days, Inc.
Marian Cavalli
Gloria Clinton
Kevin Cory
Crop Care
Crystal Springs Rodeo, Inc.
Albert Dani
Susan Duckworth Family
Margaret Duflock
John and Jae Eade
Roy and Shirley Ethridge
Karen Fanoe
Jack and Nettie Ferrasci
Diane Foley
Allan and Kathleen Forrest
Gary and Erma Franscioni
Jim and Doris Garling
Ginger and Jean and Justin Grainger Gianolini
Kathryn Gianolini
Kathleen Goetz
Joe and Lori Grainger
Richard and Annette Gratney
Norman and Irene Graulich
Milton and Rosemary Guidotti
Wayne and Doris Gularte
Guymon Chamber of Commerce
Ted and Lynette Harbin
Joel and Linda Hayden
Jane Headlely
Trina Hearne
Kenneth and Jeannette Hobbs
Kristin Iverson
Mike Jacoby
Dennis and Joan Kuchta
Ron and Linda Lazzaroni
The Dudley Little Family
Agnes Manzoni
Roy and Dorothy Marci
Dante and Gwen Matteucci
Greg and Sheila McGuire
Andrea Mersiovsky
Doyle and Donna Milson
Dixie Mosley
Callie Mullins
Wes and Sara Myhre
Nacagdoches Pro Rodeo & Steer Show
Hannah Neuenschwander
Tamara Nicholas
Ruth Nicolaus
Joanne Nissen
Oak Shores Realty, Inc
Barbara O’Connor
Mary Orrandre
Palo Pinto County Livestock Association
Alisha Pangburn
Eddie and Lois Panziera
Marjorie Perrin
Ronald H Pacheco and Sons, Inc
Helen Piini
Gordon and Barbara Plaskett
Jamie Pollmeier
Polodeo Ranch LLC
Tommy and JoAnne Powell
Norma Rianda
Rene Rianda
Neal and JoAnne Rianda
Rusty and Dollie Riddle
Gary Robinson
Terry and Glenda Rodman
George and Sandy Rose
Betsy Roth
Vern and Jo AnnScattini
Devah Scholl
Cindy Schonholtz
Martha Schwabacher
Janelle Seebeck
Dan Smith
Julie Spier
Michael Stevens
Bob and Frances Thorp
Tootie Truesdell
Donna Villalobos
Debra Violini
Henry and Abby Violini
Norma Jean Wallace and Family
Barbara Whitney
Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo Committee
Erika Zimbelman
In Memory Of Jack Hannum
Texas Pro Rodeo Circuit
In Memory Of Jack and Lynn Hannum
Tom Feller
Johnny Van Court
In Memory Of David Hendrick
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Ted Henley
Punkee and Debbie Schroeder
In Memory Of Greg Holland
Fox Electric
In Memory Of Zola Horney
Trevor & Shada Brazile
In Memory Of Bob Johnstone
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Cecil Jones
Gary and Judy Albright
California Circuit Finals Rodeo
California Six Pac Rodeos
Lynda Cunningham
John & Sherrie Jones
Mr & Mrs Bill Wood & Delores
Peggy Collett and Gordon Gooch
ProRodeo Hall Of Fame
Art Roth
Cindy Schonholtz
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Clarence Ketterling
Western Pacific Roofing
In Memory Of Freda Kirkland
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Bill Knight
Lynn Oakley
In Memory Of Ted Kortsen
Clyde and Linda Hawkins
In Memory Of Charles Lancaster
Desha First Baptist Church
In Memory Of G.K. Lewallen
James and Betsy Chambers
In Memory Of Curly Linehan
Dan Gamblin
In Memory Of Clark McEntire
In Memory Of Henry McKinley
Sandra Babers
In Memory Of Jim Meyer
Linda Doering
In Memory Of John Miller
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Larry Moorman
Donna Castleberry/J.E. Frazier/R & J McCommas
In Memory Of Adene Mouser
Randy & Leann Hearnsberger
In Memory Of Timothy Myers
Theresa Norman
In Memory Of Sarah Hileman Morrison
Punkee and Debbie Schroeder
In Memory Of Alvin Nelson
Brenda Michael
In Memory Of Maria Orton
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Charles Quinn
Roger Callender & Gina Gray
In Memory Of Nathaniel Roanhorse
Stephen Roanhorse
In Memory Of Mark Schricker
Art and Linda Alsbaugh
In Memory Of Ronald Wayne Shaver
Randy & LeAnn Hearnsberger
In Memory Of Jim Shoulders
Nolan Ryan
In Memory Of Renee Sperling
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory Of Betty Hawkins Steele
Edie and Jim Capps
In Memory of Keith Sulprizio
Babcox Media-Engine Builder Magazine
Charleen Belshaw
Peggy Bergeron
Gayle Block
Bob & Jan Parks, Jill Emerson, Tom Tymer
Carson Valley Roping Club, Inc
Cynthia Chavez
Cloyes Gear and Products
Jim and Cheryl Craddock
Custom Alloy Light Metals, Inc
Engine Parts Group
Engine and Performance Warehouse
Engine Power Components
Terri Farrell
John Hastie
Hastings Manufacturing Company
Intraco Corporation
Karen Fleming and Family
Teresa McGrath
Melling Tool Company
National Engine Parts Manufacturers
Thomas Sales Company, Inc
In Memory Of Don Summers
Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
In Memory of Bobby Swope
Jim and Jill Barnett
Vickie and Steven Baska
Art and Alice Boehs
Fairy Bryan
Gary and Betty Bussard
Wayne and Sue Cape
Cuba Middle School
Frank Droz
Employees of Ft. Leonard Wood
George and Shirley Fogg
Florence Fritts
Tracy Gibson
Vickie Gorsach
Judy Higley
Lloyd and Linda Houseworth
Jeff, Rhonda, Dalton & Ethan Riley
Jon Earnhart Family
KJ and Rhonda Koppleman
Fred and Janet Kruse
Ruby Mayden
Brenda Ryno
Carl and Karen Sappington
James C and Luretta Smith
Kevin C and Melanie Swope
Jennifer & Stephan Thomson
Richard and Gertrude Thomson
Ronald and Shelley Thomson
Thomas and Judy Traband
Peggy Willers
Richard and Karen Williams
Ken and Audrey Wood
In Memory Of Lane Thomas
Trevor & Shada Brazile
In Memory Of Bill Trammell
Sandra Babers
In Memory Of Eugene Weakley
Tom Feller
In Memory Of Norm Weigand
Dan and Heidi McCool
In Memory Of Ray Wharton
Dan Gamblin
In Memory Of Howard Willis
Paul and Mary Ann Garvin
Planet Group, Inc.
Willis Memorial
In Memory Of Floyd Wright
Barbara Bankert
Thelma Bromley
William Loyer
Moore Family
Spiegelberg Lumber and Building Co.


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